Preparing the apartment prior to your departure...

Your apartment must be vacated by 12 Noon on your notified day of departure.

Please leave your keys on your desk and your completed cleaning list when you leave. If you are leaving before the other apartment residents, please text me in advance at 085 2259498 to let me know the date you will be leaving so I can pick up your keys and your list.

Note:—even if you leave before others in your apartment, you are still responsible for cleaning the common areas. You need to come to some arrangement with the other residents about this.

If the apartment is not cleaned thoroughly, this will impact how much of your deposit you will receive back.

Download the appropriate cleaning checklist for your apartment type by clicking on the following link...

3 Bedroom Apartment Cleaning List

5 Bedroom Apartment Cleaning List


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,