Preparing the apartment prior to your departure...

Your apartment must be vacated by 12 Noon on the day of your departure.

Please leave your keys in your desk drawer when you are leaving. If you are leaving before the other apartment residents, please text me in advance on 087 2708770 to let me know the date you will be leaving so I can pick up your keys.

Note—even if you are leaving before other people in your apartment, you still have a responsibility for cleaning the common areas. You need to come to some arrangement with the other residents about this.

Here is the cleaning checklist...


  • All kitchen surfaces need to be cleaned, insides and outsides of cupboards, oven, 'fridge, microwave, toaster, cooker top, sink, the wall behind the sink, floor, table, and chairs.
  • Remove and dispose of ALL food from the 'fridge and the freezer.
  • All cleaned cutlery and crockery dried and returned to their appropriate cupboards/drawers.
  • All rubbish removed and the kitchen bin thoroughly cleaned.
  • Wall behind bin washed down.

Utility cupboard:

  • Clean and tidy, with the bag removed from the vacuum cleaner and binned. Bagless vacuums must be emptied.


  • Vacuumed and the floor washed.
  • Upstairs apartments: The stairs and landing need to be thoroughly vacuumed, this is the responsibility of the upstairs residents.

Individual rooms:

  • Mirrors cleaned, window sills, desktop, drawers, bedside locker, shelving all thoroughly cleaned and the floor (including under the bed if not a built-in) vacuumed.
  • Bin emptied and cleaned. Any marks on walls washed off.


  • Shower cleaned out, cubicle and shower walls scrubbed.
  • Toilet thoroughly cleaned.
  • Sink and window sill cleaned.
  • Bin emptied, all rubbish removed, mirror cleaned, floor washed.
  • Bin emptied and cleaned.

Any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,